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Simplify your conference room management with these Zoom Rooms features

As a systems administrator, you’ve got a lot to manage — from deploying new hardware and software to handling issues that arise. But when it comes to Zoom Rooms, we want to provide you with tools to make their management effortless.

Here are some of the enhancements and features that we’ve brought to Zoom Rooms to help you simplify the management and deployment of hardware for Zoom Rooms. 

Ongoing Management

At Zoom, we understand that your Zoom Rooms change with the needs of your business, and our features are constantly evolving to offer the best possible experience. With this in mind, we have a number of features to help you with the ongoing management of your Zoom Rooms.

- Updating Your Zoom Rooms

- One-Time Updates

- Scheduled Updates

- Auto Updates

To see how these exciting Zoom Rooms management features can impact your conference room experience, log in to your Zoom account! To learn more about Zoom Rooms’ game-changing features that can simplify your conference room management and create a more organized and intuitive experience in your spaces, be sure to visit our Zoom Rooms page. 


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