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Strengthen Digital Resilience with Unified Security Operations

A critical step in building digital resilience is enabling SOC teams to manage detection, investigation, and response workflows from a single work surface. By prioritizing risk, utilizing pre-built SOC processes, and leveraging automation to drive an investigation, your analysts save time and energy and better prevent lateral movement of attackers within your organization. 

By integrating workflows across detection, investigation, and response, analysts can gain a comprehensive view of security insights and trends, determine risk more quickly, and stop pivoting between multiple security management consoles. As a result, teams are able to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents faster, and close the right cases faster. 

With an incident queue organized by risk, analysts can also better understand their priorities. In order to gain situational awareness across a complex security and IT environment, analysts need to drill into these detections to uncover data insights from thousands of technology integrations and data sources. Finally, by accessing threat intelligence context for risky incidents they can improve decision-making. 

Kayreach System NSSA Business Unit (BU), which currently provides a Unified Data Platform in Splunk and its family products. We have been more than 15-years serving our customers with excellent after services. To find out more about Unified Data Platform, please contact us!


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