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Take the Guesswork Out of Office Space with Zoom’s Workspace Reservation

As organizations around the world adjust to new work models where employees have the opportunity to work from both the office and remote locations, “hot desking” has become increasingly popular. This resource management concept enables employees to reserve workspace resources such as desks, rooms, and open spaces, helping organizations create a streamlined and user-friendly workspace experience.

Workspace Reservation from Zoom enables users to reserve office space to work on-site and gives organizations the flexibility they need to support a hybrid workforce. And better yet, this functionality is included for organizations that have at least one Zoom Rooms license subscription.  

Workspace Reservation gives users the ability to view floor maps, see where their coworkers are sitting and reserve available desks, with or without Zoom devices, and meeting spaces in a variety of ways,

After making a reservation, you can easily check into your reserved space by scanning the QR code in the space, creating a simple and frictionless reservation experience.


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