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The New Poly Studio Bundles for Zoom Rooms

These solutions simplify Zoom meeting experiences and help create meeting equity with innovative technology, which is why we are excited to announce Poly Studio Bundles for Zoom Rooms—our new PC-based solution, powered by HP’s Mini Conferencing PC. This solution expands our portfolio and fosters Zoom Room adoption with even more flexibility. It doesn’t matter if you need to equip a small meeting space, a large lecture hall or a boardroom, Poly has you covered.

The new Poly Studio Bundles for Zoom Rooms include USB video bars, our Poly Studio R30 for small rooms, our Poly Studio USB for medium rooms and our Poly Studio E70 for large rooms, the recently announced Poly TC10 touch panel and an HP Mini Conferencing PC to power this solution.

The HP Mini Conferencing PC included in the Poly Studio Bundle is a very powerful and capable device, certified to support three cameras (multi-camera mode), three displays, and is designed to allow expansion with Flex port—just in case additional interface is required for future capability. The HP Mini Conferencing PC is a very powerful engine that can scale from small rooms to custom rooms.

Our Poly Studio X Series, G7500 Zoom Room Appliances and Poly Studio Bundles for Zoom Rooms can co-exist in the same organization, offering consistent, simple meeting experiences for everyone.


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