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The Power of Poly latest Codec firmware

Starting from Poly VideoOS 3.2.0, Poly enhanced a multiple camera support to increase the experience for the users to have a Video Meeting with more than single camera option.

Multicamera Support, Poly Video Mode on G7500 and Studio X50 systems support multiple attached cameras. When you attach a camera to your G7500 or Studio X50 system, you can select the active near-end camera in or out of a call. You can connect a maximum of five cameras to your G7500 system and a maximum of three cameras to your Studio X50 system.

Configuring HDMI Input as a People Source, You can configure the HDMI Input as a people source in Poly Video Mode. You can configure the HDMI input in or out of a call. This feature isn’t available on Studio X30 systems. Configuring the HDMI input as a people source lets you take full advantage of the available transmit bandwidth to increase the video quality of the HDMI input. When using the HDMI input as a people source, you lose the annotation tools normally available to you in a content sharing session.


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