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Three Display Capability in Zoom Rooms - CollabOS

As a leading provider of audiovisual and IT solutions in Indonesia, PT Kayreach System is excited to offer support and demos for Logitech's latest feature: the three-screen support for Zoom! 🚀

This innovative feature, now supported by CollabOS, allows you to showcase the active speaker, gallery view, and shared content across three screens for a more immersive video conferencing experience. Whether you are using a Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, or RoomMate, this feature can be utilized with a USB to display adapter. Check out Logitech's support article for more information about compatibility options.

At PT Kayreach System, we are experts in Logitech products and services. Our team can assist you with setting up your Logitech products, troubleshooting any issues, or providing demos to help you make the most of your video conferencing setup. We are committed to providing you with the latest technology and innovative solutions to enhance your video conferencing experience.

Contact us today to learn more about Logitech's three-screen support feature and how we can help enhance your video conferencing experience! 📞💻


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