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Turn Hybrid Work into a Customer Service Advantage

Running a contact center is an eternal quest to reduce costs and increase efficiency while also improving customer and employee experiences. This alone is no small task. Adding hybrid working into the mix probably hasn’t made it easier since it requires new policies and workflows; however, there are good reasons why 54 percent of contact centers plan to maintain their hybrid work model moving forward.

For one thing, it reduces expenses. With a hybrid work model, contact centers located in areas with a high cost of living can hire skilled workers from lower cost areas. This can help cut spending on overhead for facility related expenses, including real estate, utilities and in-office amenities. Hybrid work also reduces absenteeism, which is great news because it usually drives up costs and frustrates customers with longer wait times.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Hybrid work also improves contact centers’ agility, allowing them to easily add their preferred number of agents to handle volume spikes and continue operations in the face of the next natural disaster or social crisis. In today’s climate, we all know how valuable agility can be.


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