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Turning Data into Proactive Security

Despite the deployment of anti-virus software, firewalls, encryption and other security solutions, many organizations are still not totally successful in combatting cyberthreats. The reality is they are using a defensive posture, and only tackle hacks and data breaches after they arise. Although a reactive approach can address a portion of the issue, it creates opportunities for cyberattackers to take advantage of known vulnerabilities and search for not-yet-realized ones.

Besides, many traditional methods are based on rules or signatures and only prevent against known threats. With attacks constantly evolving, these technologies are not always successful in keeping cybercriminals out of the network. What is missing?

This is exactly where the Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform does. Its “schema on read” design brings forth an innovative data analysis strategy in which data is applied to a plan or schema as it is pulled out for a stored location, rather than as it goes in. This ground-breaking approach leads to faster data ingestion, resulting in faster realization of value through faster deployment.

The Splunk core platform is also flexible and purpose-built, which scales with you as your data and organization evolve, and enables you to retrieve most relevant, meaningful and actionable data from massive data repository, anytime and anywhere. With Splunk, enterprises can hit two birds with one stone – streamlining data analytics on a data-to-everything platform while offering a proactive approach to security, from incident monitoring to responding to a breach or infection.

Kayreach System is Authorized Partner in Indonesia.

Kayreach consultation of Splunk in Indonesia


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