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Video Meeting

For small businesses and global enterprises alike, video meetings have leaped from nice to have to must have. The worldwide video conferencing market value is projected to approach $11 billion USD by 20271 (up from $5.3 billion USD in 2019) as video becomes increasingly pervasive. Consider:

• Microsoft Teams has 115 million daily active users as of October 2020—a 50% increase from the 75 million reported six months earlier

• Zoom claims 300 million daily Zoom meeting participants

• Google Meet is adding roughly 3 million new users per day, recently hitting over 100 million daily Meet meeting participants

• Cisco reports a total of 300 million WebEx users

In the midst of exponential growth, IT teams are challenged to keep pace with expanding demand for video devices, infrastructure and support. With the global pandemic acting as an accelerant for megatrends already well underway, every meeting suddenly has the potential to include some or all participants joining by video, always with a fluid mix of local and remote people. The convergence of these dynamics means that video support expectations are growing much more quickly than IT can manually scale. But just because video deployment may be increasing by 10x or more, the time it takes to manage the tsunami of room systems and devices doesn’t have to.


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