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Why do we need Cyber command when we already have NGAF?

The common questions about how to position the cyber command as an intelligent threat detection and response platform, is what is the difference between Cyber command with NGAF as next gen firewall?

And the answers :

1. The positioning is different, NGAF is a perimeter defense product, the NGAF is put in the customer's network to directly defense the threats, almost every company need NGAF to protect their business. The Cyber Command is an intelligent detection and response platform, it mirrors all traffic from the core-switch and analyzes it. Some large Enterprises can use it to build a SOC. Cyber Command won't directly block the threats but it can monitor both East-West traffic and South-North traffic;

2. Values: NGAF mostly focus on protection but Cyber Command focus on Detection and Response;

3. Cyber Command can work with NGAF, the threats found in Cyber Command can be directly block via correlate with NGAF.


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