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Work Is Something People Do,It Is Not a Place

Work is something we do, not a place we have to be. At least, not anymore.

Now that employees have clearly demonstrated they can work productively from anywhere, it’s time to carry the agile, flexible technology core to pandemic continuity into a new age focused on an elevated employee experience, engagement, and exponential growth.

The pandemic forced companies and people to break through technological, process, leadership, and cultural norms to adapt rapidly to a swath of new challenges. Workforces had to acclimate to a unique pace and definition of work as a result, spawning a new set of expectations.

Strategic technology adoption is not just a necessity, it is also a catalyst for opportunity and differentiation. When equipped with the right architecture, today’s businesses can usher in a new age of hybrid work that is characterized by growth and meaningful outcomes. This new era will provide incredible opportunities for employees and employers alike — recruitment will have no boundaries, diversity will find new ways to flourish, and employees will develop a renewed relationship with their employer and their colleagues.

We at Zoom couldn’t be more excited to help drive a new era forward through innovative cloud communications, purpose-built workspaces, and relentless collaboration.


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