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Zoom Phone in Worldwide

We launched Zoom Phone in January 2019 because we saw an opportunity to provide a business phone solution that is as simple, reliable, and easy to use as our video platform. We’re proud to announce that we’ve now surpassed 1.5 million Zoom Phone seats sold worldwide!

Going from zero to 1.5 million licenses in less than two and a half years is a testament to the growing need for a rich cloud telephony solution like Zoom Phone. Organizations around the world no longer have to settle for a phone solution; they can choose one that strategically scales with their business. Whether it was to replace an outdated legacy solution, to consolidate communications onto a single platform, or enable remote and hybrid teams amid COVID-19 (or all of the above), we’re extremely grateful for every organization for choosing to deploy Zoom Phone.

We’re also proud of our Zoom teams for constantly driving the speed of innovation to meet your evolving business communication needs. Here are a few of the highlights from the road to 1.5 million and a few reasons why we got there so quickly.


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