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End to End Encryption

Ultimate Data Protection for Every File & Folder

What is ‘sensitive’ Data anyway?

If you’re concerned about the cost and effectiveness of training teams on how to manage ‘sensitive’ Data and avoid ‘risky’ behaviour, you’re in the right place. A recent study says the number one challenge organizations face in protecting their Data is ‘discovering where sensitive Data resides.’ With 85% of Data breaches due to the human element, awareness training around this ‘sensitive’ Data seems like a logical next step. The problem is that discovery, classification, and exercise are still ineffective at preventing Data breaches.


We think there’s a better way. Our security solutions are designed to remove the removes element so that 100% Data security is possible. We’re talking every file about, every place, and every time.


Disaster has Spoken:

“A company that encrypts their data is more secure than one with everything else.”


Every file, every place, every time

While there are endless File and Folder Encryption (FFE) products on the market, not all are created equal. Many File Level Encryption (FLE) solutions establish security silos for “sensitive” Data or Data users deem deemed most important, and even then, not in all three states (in transit, in use and at rest. The problem is, in today’s highly connected and work-everywhere, isn’t all Data important?


With our unique approach to Data encryption, you no longer have to decide what Data to protect. Our SecureData technology protects everything, in every place, all the time. It does this by making encryption an inherent property of your Data, as opposed to a collection of reactive systems, restrictive tools that impact usability, and incomplete policies that can never keep up.


Cybersecurity sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

The reality is, Data is the business of every business, and unfortunately, missteps in the early days of computing caused cybersecurity to morph into a complex web of chaos. That’s why our security philosophy rebuilds from the beginning.

SecureAge technology removes human error, reduces costly cybersecurity training, and overcomes the limitations of dated perimeters. The SecureAge approach provides a simple solution for complex organizational challenges based on years of proactive protection through proven technology. Inherent, invisible, and instinctive cybersecurity – it should have always been this way.


SecureAge 3 Solutions:


SecureEmail classified and secret communications.

More than enough real-world data breaches have underscored the necessity of encrypting everything, especially email.But the complexities of doing so have been painful enough for most companies and individuals to skip this vital step entirely. Encrypting email should be as easy as sending an email – intuitive and accessible to everyone.



Secure Your Data from Malicious Insiders.

SecureAge SecureData runs as an invisible endpoint agent that automatically encrypts all user files without user deliberation, action, or even awareness. Employing a seamless PKI implementation, the persistent encryption individualizes and protects each file, whether in use, stored, lost, or stolen.

Moreover, the application binding feature helps to combat viruses, malware, ransomware, zero-day, APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), and other threats to your data. Attacked, lost, leaked, or stolen from the inside or out, every file remains safe.



Digital Signing for Non-Repudiation Secure Custom Application with Encryption & Digital Signature.

Going beyond most file encryption tools, SecureFile provides comprehensive PKI-based document security for select files through encrypting and digital signing for compliance or file sharing. SecureFile generates an encrypted or signed copy of a selected file, leaving the original intact.

Selected files are protected, and file types are hidden to ensure integrity and authenticity when shared by any means with the intended recipient(s). The SecureFile application should exist on both ends.

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