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Video SaaS


We began our business from video communication 20 years ago. We started implemented PC desktop base video conferencing to ISDN base codec and finally IP base video conferencing codec with H323. SIP protocol became popular in the last 5 years that as the embryo of future video conferencing until now.


In the past 3 years cloud computing become obviously popular, organization starts to reduce Capex and begin moved to Apex in order to suppress budget spend. At that time video conferencing cloud base was starting play its role to adapt expenditure of organizations and take its position as the cornerstone to support organization for better business opponent.

Now, since Covid-19 spread the world, video conferencing even more sophisticated. Every video's conferencing manufacture is shifting up their business strategy to get part of the world pandemic opportunity. Some video manufactures are successful get into the part and some new comers try to being involved.


As part of specialist video conferencing-system integrator player, we maintain our consistency and continue evolve to adapt new trend technology to be able align with video's manufacture hence provide the right solution to our customers that in-line with their business process and budget.

Certified Video SaaS

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Sole official Authorize Reseller Indonesia | Authorized reseller | Certified Integrator Partner | Zoom Phone Certified Integrator | Zoom Partner Advisory Council

Certified Yealink Meeting Cloud | Certified Yealink Partner

Certified Avaya Spaces Cloud Meeting | Avaya Gold Partner

Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization | Collaboration SaaS Authorization

Lifesize Cloud Computing Partner

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