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The only unified platform for External Cybersecurity


Businesses, and attackers all converge outside your internal perimeter, creating a new attack surface that traditional security can't see or control. Take command of that space with external cybersecurity and secure your digital world.

External cybersecurity makes protection beyond the perimeter possible.


Companies and cybercriminals operate in the same shared, Companies and cybercriminals operate in the same shared, democratized “gray” space. Here, threat actors have equal access to online shoppers, social media users, and web surfers – your customers and followers. And because the grey space has been disproportionately overlooked when compared to traditional internal and edge security controls, cybercriminals have adopted profitable threat tactics that can damage your brand and business without ever compared to conventional internal and border security controls; cybercriminals have adopted beneficial threat tactics that can damage your brand and business without crossing your perimeter.


Traditional security protections have a role in a holistic cybersecurity program, but they aren’t enough. External cybersecurity exposes and disrupts attackers before they can cause significant damage. It allows you to look beyond the perimeter, keep your eyes on the horizon, and protect your organization, employees, and customers sooner.


Security shouldn’t stunt innovation. It should strengthen it.


ZeroFox secures your digital assets beyond the perimeter with end-to-end external cybersecurity.

As the leading external cybersecurity platform – including expert intelligence and response services – we provide a unified solution to expose malicious activity and end cyber threats.


The complete threat intelligence


Protect outside the firewall with ZeroFox’s combination of automated and human intelligence for protected assets from all relevant OSINT (Surface) and deep/dark Web data sources



Extend protection with specialized operatives who gather unique intelligence from closed-off communities and hidden criminal networks lurking on the deep and dark web



Enrich traditional security programs with global intelligence uniquely focused on social media, digital vulnerabilities, and threats across the surface, deep and dark web

Expose & disrupt cyber threats hiding across the web.


The ZeroFox Platform is an always-on, full-spectrum external threat intelligence, protection and response solution that provides organizations with comprehensive visibility and protection across the surface, deep and dark web.



ZeroFox External Cybersecurity Platform

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