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Evolving Zoom IQ, Increase your impact throughout your workday

Designed to streamline workflows and equip you with the information you need to get stuff done, Zoom IQ’s capabilities will help you move through your day more easily — here’s how that day might look:

Say a team member joins their Zoom meeting late, they can ask Zoom IQ to summarize what they’ve missed in real time and ask further questions. If they need to create a whiteboard session for their meeting, Zoom IQ can generate it based on text prompts. Once the session ends, Zoom IQ will summarize the meeting and post that recap to Zoom Team Chat, even suggesting actions for owners to take on.

Next you’re collaborating on an important, time-sensitive project over Zoom Team Chat. You had to step out for a minute, which means you came back to a long list of messages to catch up on; Zoom IQ helps you get the gist by providing a summary of the thread. Once you’re up to speed, Zoom IQ chat compose makes it easy to help you find the right words by drafting a response for you, even rephrasing responses if need be. But you’ll still be able to make those messages sound like, well, you.

After chatting more with your team, you realize you need to hop on a meeting to talk out a few items, so you set something up using an agenda Zoom IQ suggests, which pulls context from the chat. 

And if you need to send a follow-up with a customer over email, you’ll be able to harness the power of generative AI to receive content suggestions for your notes. Zoom IQ assists by reading meeting summaries with customers and even considers already completed tasks. Modify the email to make it your own, and then close the loop from there.


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