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Meet Zoom Virtual Agent

Zoom Virtual Agent is an intelligent conversational AI and chatbot solution that uses natural language processing and machine learning to accurately understand and instantly resolve issues for customers. Zoom Virtual Agent works around the clock on multiple support channels to deliver fast, personalized customer experiences, reduce call volumes and handle times for human agents, and drive significant cost savings for organizations. 

Zoom Virtual Agent integrates seamlessly with various CRM, chat, and contact center platforms. It shines as part of Zoom Contact Center, our video-optimized CCaaS platform that helps businesses deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized customer experiences

Zoom Virtual Agent automatically crawls and learns from your knowledge bases and FAQs to deliver accurate answers immediately. Low-code setup doesn’t require you to come up with teams of engineering resources to get started or maintain our solution.

Zoom Virtual Agent helps you deliver consistently excellent service across various channels — web, mobile, and social — so you can meet your customers where they are, 24/7.


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