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Zoom’s AI innovations empower people

With all the buzz around generative AI, people are really starting to evaluate how artificial intelligence (AI) can help transform their everyday experiences and open up new possibilities for how we live and work.

Here at Zoom, we see AI as the next industrial revolution. With these new capabilities to automatically process data quickly, human-to-human interaction becomes more meaningful, processes become streamlined, and communication with coworkers, teams, and customers becomes more effective.

Many existing Zoom products that customers know and love already incorporate AI. Zoom Meetings includes AI-powered features such as virtual backgrounds, avatars, gesture recognition, and background noise suppression — all of which make meetings more engaging and inclusive. Zoom Virtual Agent with Contact Center, and our conversation intelligence solution Zoom IQ for Sales use AI as a foundation to help customer-facing teams deliver great customer experiences.

As we continue to invest in AI, Zoom remains committed to ethical and responsible AI development; our AI approach puts user security and trust at the center of what we do and we will continue to build products that help ensure equity, privacy, and reliability.

Empowering people to focus on what matters is at the core of why we are unlocking the value of AI throughout our platform. To that end, today we want to introduce you to a new experience with our meetings summary technology, making meetings more digestible, actionable, and efficient.

AI makes summarizing Zoom Meetings frictionless

Many of us rely on the convenient recording feature to watch meetings we couldn’t attend, and this trend is increasing — Gartner predicts that 75% of work conversations will be recorded by 2025. But sifting through recorded content for the most important information and action items takes a lot of time. Enter smart recording.

If you’re not already familiar with smart recording, it helps anyone watching a recording quickly navigate to the parts of the meeting that are important to them. Through natural language processing (NLP) technology, smart recording summarizes and automatically extracts key information such as next steps, highlights, and more.

The Zoom Meetings smart recording feature is included in Zoom Business, Education, and Enterprise accounts (smart recordings are not available for K-12 Education accounts).

Make work more meaningful with upcoming AI innovations

In the near future, in cases where you may not want to record the meeting but want to share a summary, you will have an option at the start of the meeting to generate a summary and next steps for everyone.

Additionally, in the future smart recordings will be even more intelligent and powerful to automate repetitive tasks and follow-ups. That means you can make more room for meaningful work, like developing new products or better supporting your customers.

And we are researching exciting ways AI-powered products can add value for our customers, including:

- An AI-powered training environment in Zoom IQ for Sales to help sales teams gear up for customer calls and simulate a variety of selling situations to give sellers a practice environment to hone their pitch, obtain feedback, and receive real-time content tips for future calls with prospects.

- Additional Zoom IQ features to help sales meetings run more smoothly, like keeping track of agendas and collaborative notes.

- Extending real-time translation to additional Zoom platform products, including Chat.


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